Project 3: Research


While doing my research about display design I noticed many different types of design.


These examples are all very different from one another. Each expresses a certain feeling to the viewer that displays their company. For Apple and their flower display it is very bright and postive with overflowing flowers which could represent the expansion of the company an their products. Louis Vution has bird cadges with their bags in them which can display their value with the golden rim of the bird cadges as well as the bags being locked up in the cage.

Product Displays:

These displays range from big to small, The the Gatorade display is very small and compact making it easy to move place to place. While Moschino, and Nike are more big elements. Then you have Coke and Time With Dad Fish Shack where they are mini stands where viewers can come up, get a little taste of the company and of their beverage/food.

Interactive Display:

Display designs can be interactive as simple as just a moniter talking all about LG phones, to a television display, touch screens, and motion sense as I found in my research. However the enviornment is important surrounding the piece I noticed while looking at these displays. For example the one with the television has lit seats and a abstract shape above and on the sides of the viewers. While the motion display room is all white so the main focus is the art piece. I have to take that into consideration.


As I was coming across some renderings of display design I was very interested in the different shapes that were created. Most of them are curved and is something I want to look into doing because I feel when I viewer looks at it their eyes go with the curve and make an interesting form. I feel it brings more interest to a viewer like it did for me than just a regular rectangle, square or circle. However I also found a cleaner look by Kim Vo which looks very sophisticated and elegant so, a basic shape could make a design seem that way. Especially when using colors like black and white, while the other displays are bright and energetic it draws the attention of younger children. While the sleek deisng of Kim Vo would be a more upperclass/adult audience.


I was also looking into different audiences of display design. Many of the adult products were very sleek and had dark colors and intricate shapes. While for children, the designs are very bright, colorful and inviting. With cute pictures or characters, you can cleary tell who is for what age group. So while creating a design I need to make sure I am using specific color and imagrey to suit my age group.

Typography Display Design

I also looked at display design that used mostly type and limited imagrey. Objects can create letters, strong image and type and work together to generate an interesting compisition, it could be used to shout something and be very excentric. Type can be very expressive and can just as much express a feeling as an image can.

Ideas on how to sketch

I wanted to look at other peoples sketches because I have never sketched displays it interested me to find how others sketch. Some give different angles, they are mostly 3-D, some include people to show the scale of their display, and sometimes include the elements of the design as well. There are various ways of sketching displays that I can choose from.


These are pieces that inspired me personally for the sketches and design of the display I am going for. I wanted to look and see how people have displayed things like artwork and brochures which we will need to include. Also, the shapes, type, and colors that I feel would work well with my teams design which is more or a clean look with some pops of color.

I really want to create organic shapes for the display, not something generic. I want a clean slick look that possibly uses slabs of glass. A color scheme of white, black, light greys, and opaque blues.


I am getting interested in glass boxes for a way to display student work or even house different elements of the display. Ways to also display the Visual Communication brochures and 4-year plan. I do not want to do a typical slip, i like the metal look a lot as it gives a sleekness to the design. Cut outs, interesting shapes, and moveable shapes are elements that my group and I are interested in.

Interactive Interface:

My task was to create a simple interactive interface for my groups display. We wanted to keep it simplistic like the overall design itself. So, I looked online at basic websites/interfaces for my inspiration.’