Project 2: Research

“What you put on the face of your product is the first impression of your investment and therefore, your most powerful weapon.” Jose Parado, VP/creative director, Haugaard Creative (“Package Designers: Magic Makers” by Laura Zielinski)

  • I need to be able to grab a viewers attention quickly and compel them to buy my product. Make them interested and curious about my product with the package’s design.

Color Harmony:

  • From my research I have found that a color can have multiple meanings so I need to be aware of that. Just because I have a meaning of a color in my head doesn’t mean my viewer will have the same meaning.
    • For example the color brown:
  • On the left, the beer is packaged in a wooden box which gives an earthy, natural feel. On the right, brown creates the meaning of luxury with the fur.

    Screen Shot 2016-10-28 at 3.43.05 PM.png

Color Harmony & Food Packaging:

Background color has a high impact on if a product will be sold.

Ex. high quality =  light or dark colors, Poor quality = colors with lightness of mid levels,

What I have found from this article is that image placement and text can have a different impact on people’s eyes. Layouts can have a lot of information or minimal information. Also, packages can be very similar but create a different feeling with type, image, and color.


Package Design & Collaborating 

This packaging was very interesting to me because, the fact that a yogurt company and fashion designer worked together to create a design is interesting to me. Who would think they would be able to work together and create a successful design. This was actually created to promote the fashion designer’s clothing line that was going to be presented at NYC Fashion Week. So while the package is promoting him it is also promoting a new and interesting design. Yoplait’s original labels are very bland, by creating this limited edition line people are going to want to buy them before they are gone as well as be more intrigued by Yoplait’s yogurt.

Approaching Packaging Non-Traditionally 


I find this to be a very interesting spin on packaging for a watch, typically I see a watch in some type of box. However, this brand has decided to use a bag which is a bit odd but intriguing. The watch is also waterproof so inside the bag, it is literally full of water. I think it is cool way to display a watch instead of being generic but, I don’t know if I would enjoy going to the store and getting a watch in a big full of water. The experience is not as exciting as the concept. That is something I need to consider while designing my packaging, the experience a costumer i going to have with a product is important.

Making a Uninteresting Product Interesting 

unnamed (1).png

This makes me think of a product that is not largely branded but this company is trying to make it more intriguing. You don’t hear many people talk about shoelaces, yet this packaging really makes it a fun and cute experience to buy them. These come off as children’s shoelaces which is stated already so that would be their audience. It could also become a collectable where children will want to have all the birds in the collection as well as the shoelace colors. I would really never think to use a shoelace to symbolize a worm, I need to be creative and not just think generically.

Creating an Ambiance for a Package 

unnamed (2).png

With this package design they are creating an ambiance for their brand. Each package has a different kind of bread from around the world. How they promote their brand is each package has a symbol of that region. So for example in this picture, A telephone booth is used as a symbol for English Muffins from London. In this particular ad as well they give off an old historical feel to the brand by adding a little town of browns and cremes. This brand wants people to believe that their bread is of good quality because they follow tradition in baking.

Quality and Reusability 

unnamed (3).jpg

This is an example of how a brand can display the quality of their brand. This wine bottle is zipped up in a mini “fur coat”. What I see in this brand is that they are high end, expensive, and luxurious. It even makes me want to think that the wine is smooth and goes down well. It would be a nice display in the house as well as a gift to someone. It can even be used as a wine cover for other bottle and still promote their name. So, I need to think about how my package could be possibly used over and over again.

Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 3.49.47 AM.png

This is something that can be used as a prop for photos and fun, Trident is using their product as an image (teeth) which is yet another thing to consider when creating concepts. My actual product could be part of the imagery.

Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 3.53.07 AM.png

Again, the brand note is actually shaping their product into a literal note. Also their is an apostrophe at the end which tends to signify a high end brand. So when naming a product it is important to remember my audience I am targeting, what quality I want the brand to be displayed as and, how my physical product could be formed into a symbol for viewers to become more interested in

Creating a set:

For this project I am required to create a set, I can be very generic and fit everything into place very easily or become creative just like these two sets show. The first set uses stacking blocks and hierarchy to show a costumer how to use their product. While on the right, honey is displayed as inside a beehive which is an interesting concept and way to display all of their honey flavors and colors nicely. It really depends if I will be using different products or the same in my piece on how I will bring them all together. These though are good reference.

Barcode Design:

I never knew that little things on a package could really make something likable, the barcodes for example it could give the package personality. There are regulations so I need to be cautious about the designs I create for the barcode if I do so, but it could bring an interesting element to the whole package itself.


While looking at specifically logos I noticed a logo could really create a certain ambiance for a product. For example the honey jars have a bee on it and the hexagon is supposed to represent a honey comb. It is easy to decipher by a viewer, as well as the the type is bold and straight forward. Sprinkles cupcakes logo is very dainty and fancy. Creating a vibe that the cupcakes could be simple and light but pretty. With the Tropicana carton it changed from a literal orange to the actual texture of the juice. The logo looks like the leaves of the orange and this green feeling. The bottle of SlingShot Coffee is tight and thin which can really show how it can wake you up. So a logo can create a feeling also if a product is organic or not, fast acting (color yellow in Pepto-Bismol logo), basic, or complex. It could also make someone feel like the product is fun like the Ruffles logo which is not straight, its curved and the letters are not aligned. I need to think about this while creating my logos so I can create the right message to my audience.

Beauty Products:

I am looking into designing products for the beauty industry. I am looking into making bath bombs/a bath kit.

Bath Bomb Packaging:

As I was looking into bath bombs I noticed various different types of packaging and shapes. A bath bombs shape, color and scent could be a fun experience for the buyer. Also the packaging as well, some of them even come with a loofa, a surprise inside the bath bomb. I need to look into scents as well to see how the 4 virtues could tie into certain fragrances and moisturizers.