04_From Here to There

I was to create a book that reflected a journey of mine with strong imagery and interesting type. I decided to make my focus my childhood home as I am currently moving to a new house. There is a lot of memories that were made in my home of 20 years and I wanted to show this span of time from when I was young till now. Displaying the memories of my home as well as how I grew up as a child and progressed in my loving home.



I wound up showing a condensed version of me living in my home and memorable moments. The title is very simple however I used an italic font for “there” to make it look as though it was moving. The text consisted of the development of my speech as well as a dialogue of how I felt about my home. I wound up adding more imagery on my life as a child because those are my some of my fondest memories. I decided to create a collage format of displaying my pictures for a more personal feel. In some of the backgrounds of the collage are elements of my house like my curtains, the grass in my backyard, and my baby bassinet. The text was very minimal as I wanted it the image to be focused on more. This was a way for me to move on to the next chapter of my life and reflect on the greatest times of my life in my warm and loving home.

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