03_On-Board Literacy

For this project, I was to immerse myself in skateboard culture and design a skateboard based on a reading given to me. The reading I had was “The Light Years” by Italo Calvino. The short story was about a man who become paranoid after an unknown creature had been watching him up from space.

I first started by researching skateboard culture by talking to people who are very involved in it:

FullSizeRender-5 copy.jpg


Moving onto sketches, I looked into different ways of visually perceiving this piece of literature.

Preliminary Comps

I wanted to get across through my design the idea of being watched by using the eye as the center focal point of the skateboard. The first comp was more about a creature from space. Next, instead of including the telescope the main character used to looked into space, having him look into the space. Next was an abstract eye and planets orbiting around it.


For my final design, I wanted to get across this idea that whomever this thing was, it was not human and could possibly be this greater god. Whom communicates with the planets and is also able to alter the physical world to his liking. Linking the entire universe together. I got my inspiration from skateboard artist Parra who is a very minimal artist. At this time in skateboard culture minimal skateboards seem to be the trend. I wanted the colors to be vibrant but overall have a simple design.




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