Type Project 2,3 & 5

Project 2: These Articles

Concept Sketches 

Final Concept 

Project 3: These Amendments

I was to keep exploring the grid, point size, line spacing, letter spacing but, at a larger scale. Using bold font and bigger text sizes to experiment more.



First Concept:

I realized the type was very tight and overwhelming. Also my rags were not unified and some were not working with the alignment. Everything was very cluttered and was not typographically pleasing. I wound up going with these layouts so it could be easily read by someone and so it could be clear.

Final Concept 

Project 5: Mixer


Concept Sketches 

Concept 1

Concept 2

Concept 3


I realized my type was becoming to complex and tight. It also was not making sense. So for my final design I decided to create more simpler layouts so the calligraphy and type would work together well. I wanted to show this progression using the amendments because I feel recently America has been going down a slope and has been going in the wrong directions. I wanted to show that with my type while being subtle so I used the calligraphy to make it look uniform.


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