Project 4: Hillary Clinton Mailer

I was to create a Hillary Clinton mailer to send out to persuade the public to vote for Hillary in the 2016 presidential election. Initially I looked on her website and other credible resources to obtain information on her as a person. I noticed she was described as very motherly and had a big heart for children. So, from that I decided to have my mailer revolve around the issues Hillary was going to work on for children.

Sources Used:—fast-facts/

Concept Sketches


Originally I wanted to use similar colors to Hillary’s campaign. Use as well bold fonts to express to the audience the determination of Clinton also, to make it easy to read and understand. I also wanted the key points to be in three columns however it became too generic. So I tried to create a red strip that just included the three points scattered yet it looked to bulky with the red and didn’t make much sense. Also including “children” was unnecessary and was not doing anything for the design. Another flaw was on the back of the mailer with the band over Clinton’s eyes, it really depersonalized her and did not create a good feeling about her as a candidate.

Final Concept 

I wanted to incorporate her colors of red and blue however, use lighter more delicate color (blue) to represent the idea of children. Yet, I wanted a bold color (red) to show the determination and readiness Hillary had to help the children of America. I didn’t want the mailer to also be cut into three different sections so the design inside and outside is overlapping. I decided to make it more graphic by adding the arrows which pertain to her  because that is in her logo as moving forward. So I added one big arrow with her logo inside to represent her and then the smaller arrows to show her main points. I also added little type so it would be straight to the point because people do not want to look at paragraphs of type. I decided to move the photo of Hillary and the children under “Fighting For Our” so viewers would understand the context of what I would be discussing which is children. The back of the mailer I moved the red band behind Hillary as a way to show how she wants to move forward. I kept her slogan I’m With Her in bold to express the readiness Hillary has. For the envelope I included “Stronger Together” which is one of Clinton’s slogans with a picture of children expressing togetherness. Also to make it visually appealing I used the tallest child’s head as an “O” in the word “Stronger”.


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