Project 2 Packaging: Design


I was to design a package for the 4 Virtues: Courage, Temperance, Prudence, and Justice. These products would be able to be bought on their own as well as in a package that had the dimensions of 8 x 8 or less. I started off sketching very generically yet, I wound up focusing more on the actual product design and not necessarily the packages.

Initial Sketch 



Ora Bombs:

This product would be a line of bath bombs. Which, would be marketed towards teenagers and older. They would also include organic ingredients so the overall design had to be natural looking. For the logo I wanted to represent the bath bomb itself, each bomb has layers that fizz out into the bath. So, I thought the overall design of the logo could be 4 circles representing the 4 virtues and at the same time show the layers of the bath bomb. I also sketched out various fonts I was thinking of using and package shapes.


4 Virtues Running Kit:

This product was to be a package of running essentials. It would include a water bottle, gel pack, lock laces, and small fanny pack to store all the items in while running. I came up with the logo after finding the meaning of an ‘X’ which represents crossing borders. Which you do while running whether its getting to the finish line or just beating your fastest time. So, I used an X as well as a red line to represent a finish line. The actual package would be a person running and inside each product would have a designated spot for it.



Ora Bombs

Concept 1

Since my package for the bath bombs was going to be circular i decided to use circular stickers to be placed on and inside of the individual package. For the main stickers I included thin type as from my research I noticed a lot of organic products had very delicate type. Yet, this was a flaw in my design because it can really only be seen up close. I also added the logo in the center of the sticker which seemed to work better at a smaller scale to differentiate hierarchy. I decided to use images softly in the background to display the specific scents of the bombs also, I used the colors that are associated with the scents for each sticker. The back of the package would have the ingredients which would include a faded out logo in the background. Instructions with the same design would go inside the sphere package on the bottom so when a costumer would take the bath bomb out of the package, they would see the instructions before using the product. All of the company information and UPC would go on the outside bottom of the sphere. I added that that my company is cruelty free and that the package is recyclable. For the package that would hold the set, I wanted to create a a band that would wrap around the box. I used the same color scheme as the main logo.

Final Concept 

I decided to change the text as the original type was too light and hard to read. I also, fixed the backgrounds of the labels to swirls which represented a bath bomb swirling in a bath tub. Also, to give it a fun feel so it would appeal to young teenagers and above. I also wound up creating a miniature booklet to go with my design as the amount of information that I needed to have on the small bath bomb was a challenge for me. It seemed to be too busy by putting a main label and then including all of the other information on a booklet. So, I wound up putting everything into the booklet (main label, story, instructions, ingredients, company information, and the UPC.

Main Label






Final Design


I wound up going with a box that resembled the shape of the bath bombs. I was going for an organic feel so I used a cardboard box that can be recycled as well as all the other elements of the design. Each bath bomb is wrapped in crumbled paper and wrapped with a string and ribbon. The booklet is tied within the string and can be opened to reveal the information. For my van I wanted to generate a design that reflected the overall company. So it has the same elements of the purple and blue swirls and the bath bomb colors with their correlated name. Problems I ran into with this design was figuring out the shape I wanted to use for the bath bombs. They are typically a spheres however, it was very hard to create a label for it that wouldn’t crinkle. I decided to go with a thick puck shape that I could lay the booklet on. The booklet was also something that I had come up with because of the extent of information I needed to put on a small surface. This way it also becomes interactive, easy to read and not busy. However while looking at the booklet I had some white pages because I did not calculate how many pages I needed correctly. This is a mistake I need to take into consideration in future projects. I learned a lot from my first packaging design that will help me with future designs.



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