Project 01: Promotional Design – Kara Walker




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Here are my two concepts I narrowed it down to. It was agreed by my classmates that Concept 1 would be the design I would continue with. However, I will be using the second concepts font as it is more interesting and true to Kara Walker. Concept One has to do with one of her most famous pieces “Gone” which made her famous. Many of her art has to do with fantasy and reality by using playful silhouettes combined with dark imagery. So I cut out a scene from her piece “Gone” having to do with love and tragedy. This is why the images are placed the way they are. The top is fantasy and then the bottom is reality. I kept the layout very simplistic because that is what Kara Walker typically  displays in her artwork.

Variations of Concept:

This is my concept before and after refinements. I wound up changing the layout of a lot of my pieces for the final as well as type and adding more pieces. I think I did a good job creating a system that works well with each other. However, my weakest piece is probably the banner, I had trouble with the type placement because it was horizontal. The MoMA logo seems to clash to much with Kara Walker’s name. My strongest piece I would say is my brochure, I believe the images, layout and type work well together. Yet, the body type should be reduced. All in all, I believe this layout represents Kara Walker well.

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